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Display fillable PDF forms on your site,
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About PDF Forms and Embedding

I know about PDF documents. What makes one a PDF Form?
A PDF Form is a PDF document which has be processed (usually with Adobe Acrobat Pro) to become fillable, which means text boxes and checkboxes have been added to the document so that data can be inserted.
Can I display PDF forms on my own website?
Yes. OnSite Forms makes it possible for you to display your own PDF forms on your site.
How much programming does that take?
None. There's two simple steps. First, upload your PDF form to OnSite Forms. Second, copy some HTML code from OnSite Forms and paste it into your site where you want the form to appear.
How do I get the information someone types into a form that OnSite Forms displays on my site?
When your visitor finishes the form (by clicking the "Finished" button), OnSite Forms immediately makes a PDF copy of the form, and attaches that to an email which is sent to you. So you get the filled-out form very quickly. Alternatively, you can download filled out forms securely (see below).
What about signing the form?
OnSite Forms allows your visitors to sign the form on-screen, with a mouse or pointer, just like we all sign for credit/debit purchases. Visitors can also use a scanned copy of their signature if available.
Can my visitor get a copy of the form they filled out?
Yes. After they click they "Finished" button, they are offered an opportunity to download a copy of the form to their machine.

About Sensitive Information and Security

My form requests sensitive information from the visitor. Isn't that a problem?
By law, sensitive information must be handled securely. First, all communication between your visitor and the form which is displayed by OnSite Forms is via https, which is bank-level secure communication. The premium OnSite Forms service actively secures sensitive information in the following way: When your visitor finishes the form, the information is stored encrypted on our website. Then, you can periodically download the your visitors' forms (over secure https) in a convenient Zip file containing all forms since your last download.
Getting the filled-out form is great, but it's a pain to copy the information out of the form.
The premium service also creates a CSV (comma-separated values) document containing the names of the form fields paired with the filled-in values. This is included in the Zip file you download over https.

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Advantages of premium account levels:
  • Increased numbers of allowed forms.
  • Unlimited number of fill-outs for each form.
  • Dashboard to manage your embedded forms list.
  • Securely download zip files of filled out forms over https.
  • Receive name/value pairs file extracted from filled-out forms in the zip file with the forms.
  • Customize the embedded form buttons and messages.

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